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The Five Key Functions of an HR Expert

Human resource management is a fundamental part of any successful company. By hiring an HR expert to work with you, you’ll benefit from their expertise in a number of areas; from motivating staff to protecting your company from litigation.

If you’re not sure how an HR professional will add value to your business, here’s a run-through of the five key ways they can help.

Five Key Functions of an HR Professional

  1. Help staff to achieve their potential. An HR expert will provide invaluable support for your team, offering training and professional development where required. They’ll also help you to develop a personalised plan for each member of staff, setting objectives and goals, and identifying ways to unlock their potential.

Why does this matter? When given clear goals, staff are often more motivated. This in turn boosts productivity (not to mention team morale), and can even influence staff retention.

  1. Recruit effectively. If the recruitment process isn’t undertaken properly, it’s likely you’ll waste a lot of time and money. Working with an HR professional ensures that the process is streamlined, with better screening processes for applicants. They may also focus on training provision, with a view to getting new employees up to speed as swiftly as possible.

Why does this matter? By passing the job of recruitment to someone else, you’ll be able to focus on other important tasks. Less time, effort and finances will be wasted, and your chances of finding the right person for the role are greatly increased.

  1. Reduce risk. By drafting up the correct legal documents and contracts, an HR expert can save you a lot of legal problems in the future. They are also on hand to create guidebooks, designed to offer clarity on important company rules and expectations.

Why does this matter? Few things are more stressful than legal issues in the workplace. If you supply staff with clear, comprehensive contracts and guidebooks, you’ll be gaining significant legal protection in the event that anything does go wrong in the future.

  1. Creating a proactive culture. Staff thrive in positive working environments. A good HR professional will work with you to establish a good office culture, by focusing not just on personal staff goals, but on company goals too.

Why does this matter? Creating a shared focus builds a sense of unity, which is a key factor in any successful business. Staff grow to understand their role within the company and how their contribution positively affects company results. This boosts their self-esteem, which also increases motivation.

  1. Incentivise staff. Sometimes, knowing how to incentivise staff can be tricky. What motivates one employee may not motivate another! HR experts will examine the current benefits and employee incentives in place, then identify strategic ways to motivate staff more effectively, with a view to boosting performance.Why does this matter? When used wisely, incentivisation can galvanise a workforce, improving productivity significantly. Focused incentivisation ensures less money is wasted too.


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