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Employment Law

Employment Law - Wendy Harris - Employment LawyerEmployment Law doesn’t have to be complicated …

…but the regular changes in legislation can make it hard for you as a business to keep up with your responsibilities. This can mean that as a business owner, it can be difficult to know what you should be doing in order to make sure your company is protected against any legal action. We can take that worry away from you and deal with any complicated legislative changes for you. As qualified lawyers and HR professionals we can quickly spot and put right any gaps in your procedures which could ultimately cost your business and we can be on hand to put systems in place to protect your business all year round.  We offer a free legal compliance MOT,  including on site audits to help you plan against and prevent future disputes.


free legal compliance mot


Examples of how we can help ….

  • Contracts – It is essential you have robust contracts, policies and procedures in place if you want to ensure that any employment issues are dealt with effectively and in a legally compliant way. Plus, if you don’t have the right contracts and procedures in place, you could actually be breaking the law – with very costly consequences.

  • Disciplinary and dismissal – As employers you have legal obligations to those who you employ. Those obligations include, for example, following policies and procedures before you discipline or dismiss a member of staff.
  • Discrimination in the Workplace – Other common areas where businesses fail in their employment law obligations is discrimination in the workplace. The Equality Act 2010 was put in place to ensure all employees are treated fairly at all stages of the employment process, including interview, appointment, performance appraisal, promotion, contract length and, of course, dismissal or redundancy.

As a business you need to make sure you steer clear of all claims.  You need systems in place and you need to ensure that these systems are adhered to.

How Harris Law can help

Getting assistance from specialist employment lawyers and HR professionals will greatly increase your chances of remaining protected against employee claims. Our unique knowledge can help us to advise you on how to create procedures that comply with the law, and how to implement these effectively into your business. We can also highlight any areas where your business is at risk with our free compliance MOT.

You might not know what needs fixing but we do. Let us help you with ….

  • Compliance MOTs
  • Contracts and Apprenticeships
  •  Policies and Procedures
  •  Disciplinary and Dismissals
  •  Grievances and Disputes
  •  Redundancy
  •  Change Management
  •  Management and Staff training
  •  Settlement Agreements
  •  Tribunal Claims

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"Wendy has very quickly become a very welcome member of our team. Her enthusiasm is infectious and teamed with her expert knowledge on HR she really is an asset to any forward thinking Company. Contact Wendy and see for yourself how she could support you and your staff!"

Rebecca Chalk Director of AB Coaches Ltd, Totnes November 14, 2014