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performance management training


Everybody knows an engaged workforce is the lifeblood of your business and your profits, but what happens to your business if an employee does not perform as they should?

  • Poor productivity
  • Reduced turnover
  • A reduction in morale and motivation in others
  • A culture of mediocrity could set in
  • Relationships can often break down

We will bring our interactive workshop to your workplace and show you:-

  • The benefits of performance management
  • How to handle performance problems in the workplace
  • How to adapt management styles to help improve performance
  • How to identify or recognise the problems in the first place
  • How to talk to people and address performance problems and set objectives
  • When and how to take it to the next step and invoke the capability procedure
  • How to stay on the right side of the law when dealing with performance management

The workshop includes real life scenarios and lots of examples and we will give you some templates to keep so you can start putting into practice all you have learnt straight away.

bullying and harassment training


We offer training on Bullying and Harassment in the workplace where you and your employees will learn:

  • the difference between bullying and harassment
  • the legal implications of both
  • the protected characteristics
  • what steps can be taken to avoid bullying and harassment
  • some examples of bullying and harassment
  • to test their knowledge and gain a certificate


You choose the HR topic and we will put together a workshop for you.  How does it work:-

  • You decide on the HR topic
  • You then contact us by phone or email to discuss further
  • We prepare the workshop
  • We deliver the workshop 
  • Its that simple

The workshops will be presented by Wendy Harris who is an Employment Lawyer and HR professional or another member of the Harris Law team.  We can either come to your workplace and present the workshop on-site or alternatively we can present the workshop online.  We will discuss all options beforehand and will provide certificates to all who complete the training.  

Click HERE to contact us for more information and to book your workshop or alternatively call us on 07532 231061