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wendy harris

Whether you are just starting out in business and need to recruit staff,

or, you are established and expanding and need more people

let us be there to help you 

We can either be on hand to support you through the recruitment process or we can take on the entire project for you …
it’s entirely up to you.  Here is how we can help, we can:-

  • Create a recruitment campaign
  • Advise on equality and diversity to ensure that the recruitment process is fair and compliant
  • Review job descriptions and person specifications
  • Organise your advertising on various platforms
  • Respond to vacancy enquiries
  • Draft interview questions
  • Assist with shortlisting 
  • Conduct/Assist with interviewing and assessments
  • Provide feedback to candidates
  • Complete pre-employment checks
  • Help with planning, onboarding/induction to help the new recruit settle in
  • Drafting and advising on employment contract
  • and much more …

Let us help you.  Call us on 07532 231061 or contact us HERE and we can look at what level of support you need.