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Should I have a contract for just one staff member?

The answer to that question is YES!  WHY?

Well for starters, on 6th April 2020 the new day-one right to a written statement of main terms and conditions for workers and employees came into force.  Prior to this date employers had 8 weeks to provide this information.  Another important change is that this now includes workers.

How Harris Law can help

We have designed the Harris Law Start-up for those who have just started on their business adventure or for those who only need to employ one or two staff members in their business.  We know there is a lot to think about when you are starting a business and budgets can be tight which is why we are offering this fixed price solution to get you started.   Getting assistance from specialist employment lawyers and HR professionals will greatly increase your chances of remaining protected against employee claims. Our unique and specialist legal knowledge means that we can create your contracts and procedures that comply with the law so that you have the protection from the outset. Protect your business from the start and have peace of mind from the get go.

As part of the Harris Law Start-up we offer one-hour of support with a qualified employment lawyer which can be via telephone, zoom online conferencing or email so we can show you how to implement these contracts, policies and procedures effectively into your business. We can also highlight any areas where your business is at risk too.

Policies and procedures are crucial to cover any difficulties you may encounter along the way and an employee handbook is a useful point of reference, a guide and a rule book for your company.   Other start up documents that are crucial include a conditional job offer letter, a job description and new starter/induction checklist and a privacy policy.

For a one off payment you will receive the following:

  • A general employment contract template
  • A suite of start-up policies and procedures for your employee handbook
  • Privacy Policy
  • A template conditional job offer letter
  • A template job description
  • A new starter/induction checklist
  • One hour of telephone or an online zoom conference or email advice from our qualified employment lawyer to get you started – (valid for 1 month)

If you would prefer to spread the cost we can set up a monthly payment plan for you, call us on 01803 861086 and we will set it up for you.  Alternatively you can contact us HERE.