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Improve Your Workplace Productivity and your Company Culture

Company culture, by definition, is something that determines how an organisation’s employees and management interact with each other. It is something that naturally develops over time, making it extremely difficult to reform. Company culture is directly linked to employee engagement, so the benefits of a successful reform can be huge. It can breathe new life into an organisation that may have become stale; caught up in old-fashioned processes, policies and practices.

As a manager or business owner, you have the authority to change policies, recruit new staff, carry out dismissals and promote those who deserve it- but changing an entire organisational culture can be hard work; requiring commitment and persistence.

At Harris Law, we’re always looking to share our expertise and help you to improve workplace productivity. Take a look at our tips below to start improving your company’s culture.

  • Hatch your plan. Take the time to understand your current organisational culture, and pinpoint certain aspects that need changing. Analyse the direction in which your company is going, and then recognise the changes needed to aid company growth and success.
  • Start at the top. Speak to those who are influential within the business and bring them on board. Once they are committed, they can help convince employees who may be comfortable with current processes and, as a result of this, not open to change.
  • Communication and transparency. Now is the time to brief your staff about your plans. Communicate everything clearly and openly to your staff. If your culture overhaul involves employee perks, make them known.
  • Shake it up. Sometimes, even just tweaking your office set-up can inspire your employees. Having a bigger break-out area or open plan desk space can make a world of difference.

Changing your business’s culture requires time, commitment and planning; but you don’t have to do it alone. Harris Law can work alongside your business, offering our full support to help your achieve your goals and manage the change. Get in touch today to start your journey with us.  Contact us on 01803 861086 or alternatively email us HERE.

written by Tayler Waldock on behalf of Harris Law

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